Wednesday 15 June
Getting into Anaesthesia FREE
Ultrasound guided regional anaesthesia @ £10 FULLY BOOKED
Mentoring taster sessions FREE Throughout the day
Thursday 16 June
NACCSGBI Simulation @ £10 09:00-10:30
NIAA drop in clinic FREE 09:00-10:30
NACCSGBI Simulation @ £10 11:00-12:00
NIAA drop in clinic FREE 11:00-12:00
Airway @ £10 13:30-15:00
NACCSGBI Simulation @ £10 14:00-15:00
Airway @ £10 FULLY BOOKED
NACCSGBI Simulation @ £10 15:45-16:45
Mentoring taster sessions FREE Throughout the day
Friday 17 June Session
Final FRCA Mock Viva FREE for Final FRCA candidates 08:00-09:55
Final FRCA Mock Viva FREE for Final FRCA candidates 11:00-12:55
Final FRCA Mock Viva FREE for Final FRCA candidates 13:45-15:40
Mentoring taster sessions FREE Throughout the day
Workshop Descriptions
NACCSGBI Simulation

Insitu neurosimulation in association with the Neuroanaesthesia and Critical Care Society of Great Britain and Ireland. Teams are invited to participate in a “Sim War” style simulation.

Domain 1: Knowledge, skills and performance, Domain 2: Safety & quality,
Domain 3: Communication, partnership and teamwork, 2A11, 2C02, 2F01, 3A11, 3F00

NA_HS_04, TF_HS_01,02,03,04,06 and 09

Final FRCA Mock Viva

Candidates sitting the Final FRCA SOE in 2016 are invited to sign up to a specially negotiated one day fee for Friday 17th June and attend our Final FRCA mock viva.

In preparing for the Final FRCA SOE it is vital to get as much realistic exam practice as possible. We will be running three 'real time' mock vivas under exam conditions on Friday 17th June.  All viva tables will be conducted with single candidates so you will experience a full viva and receive structured feedback on your technique.

Candidates can sign up to two of the three mock vivas on offer, and attend some vital last minute exam-orientated lectures during their third conference session.

Sign up now by calling the AAGBI for the special discount rate - places are limited!

Getting into Anaesthesia

Is Anaesthesia for you?

With limited exposure to anaesthesia and critical care in the undergraduate curriculum we understand that you might be curious to learn more about a career in anaesthetics. We are offering you the opportunity to get a head start for interview preparation, practice clinical skills and speak to anaesthetic trainees.

Come and see how rewarding and dynamic a career in anaesthesia can be. Understand how exposure to the sickest patients in the hospital and working across multiple specialties such as paediatrics, cardiac, ICU and trauma can help you develop lifesaving skills for almost any situation.

Is research  your thing? Do you have interests in pre-hospital emergency medicine? Do you need to work less than full time? Anaesthesia’s session based working allows ultimate flexibility!

Sign up today and see why anaesthesia is the perfect career for you!

Ultrasound guided regional anaesthesia

Hands on experience scanning live models under the guidance of regional anaesthesia experts. Stations will cover ultrasound basics as well as upper and lower limb nerve scanning and block techniques (interscalene, supraclavicular, axillary, femoral and sciatic). This workshop is targeted at basic/intermediate level trainees. 

Domain 1: Knowledge, skills and performance, Domain 2: Safety & quality,
Domain 3: Communication, partnership and teamwork,
1A01, 1A03, 2G01, 2G02, 2G03, 2G04

RA_BK_01, 03A, 06, 07, 11, 22, RA_BS_19, RA_HS_02, RA_IK_02, RA_IK_05, RA_IS_03


With the recent release of updated United Kingdom Airway Management Guidelines, trainees are expected to know and to be able to apply the national recommendations of the Difficult Airway Society. This workshop will cover key theoretical and practical aspects of these guidelines. The workshop will include a short evaluation and summary of the new guidelines, followed by multiple practical airway stations, covering video-assisted laryngoscopes and fibreoptic bronchoscopes (including the novel ‘ORSIM’ bronchoscopy device). Dr Chetan Reddy and experienced Anaesthetic faculty will lead this small group airway training workshop. Industry representation will also be present to add further support. This workshop is suitable for all levels of trainees. At only £10 to attend the workshop, please secure your place as soon as possible!

Domain 1: Knowledge, skills and performance, Domain 2: Safety & quality, Domain 3: Communication, partnership and teamwork, 1B02, 2A01, 2A10, 3A01

AM_AK_01, AM_BK_06, AM_BK_13, 14, 15, 16, 17, AM_BS_14, 15, AM_HS_06, AM_HS_07, AM_IK_03, AM_IS_01, 5.2, 5.3

NIAA drop-in clinic

This workshop will offer assistance to research-active (or research-interested) trainees who are looking for external reviews of their ideas, assistance with ethics applications, assistance with grant applications, or sourcing formal external academic supervision or appraisal.

There will be a series of 10 minute slots available. To book your 10 minute slot please email with your preferred times. Please specify if your research is clinical or non-clinical when applying.

Domain 1: Knowledge, skills & performance, Domain 2: Safety & quality, Domain 3: Communication, partnership and teamwork, 1H02, 3J03

AR_HS_15, 16, AR_IK_05, 06, 07, 08 

Mentoring taster sessions 

GAT are offering conference participants 45 minute mentoring sessions with one of a team of highly trained and experienced mentors, all of whom use mentoring for themselves. The mentors are a selection of trainee and senior anaesthetists, some of whom have held posts as Royal College Tutor, Deputy or Regional Adviser, and AAGBI Council members. Mentoring conversations are confidential.

Sessions will be most useful to conference participants who:

  • Are strategic about their own development
  • Want to discuss a potential opportunity or a dilemma
  • Have specific educational or work needs
  • Are at a cross road in their career - Career/life planning

Please click here for more information.

These sessions cannot be booked online, if you would like to book a place please email with a preferred time and date

Domain 1: Knowledge, skills & performance, Domain 3: Communication, partnership and teamwork, 1H02