Thursday 5 July 2018


Wellbeing drop-in session (Tweed Room)

An informal opportunity to share and learn from experiences related to any aspect of wellbeing, including ways of managing fatigue, stress and recent atrocities

Wellbeing yoga session (Don Room)

0830-0900 Registration / tea & coffee / industry exhibition (Ballroom Foyer) / poster viewing (Ballroom 1, Dee Room)
0900-1030 T1a: Intensive care
Chair: Dr Sally El-Ghazali, Honorary Secretary, GAT Committee (Ballroom 2 & 3)
T1b: Poster facilitation & judging (Ballroom 1)
0900-0925 Communicable disease in the returning traveller 1A01, 1E01, 2C03Domain 1, Domain 3, CC_D8_01,  CC_D8_05
Dr Alisdair MacConnachie, Consultant Physician in Infectious Diseases and General Medicine, Health Protection Scotland
Group viewing and discussions in the following categories facilitated by poster judges: CT, ST3 & 4, ST5+
0925-0950 From genome-wide signals to therapeutic targets in sepsis 1A01, 2C03, 2C04, Domain 1, CC_D8_06, CC_D5_01
Dr Ken Baillie, Edinburgh
0950-1015 InSPIRE, post ICU care 1F05, 1I05, 2C07, Domain 2, Domain 3, Domain 4, POM_HS_01, DI_HS_01, CC_D1_18
Dr Tara Quasim, Glasgow
1015-1030 Discussion
1030-1100 Tea & coffee / industry exhibition (Ballroom Foyer) / poster viewing (Ballroom 1, Dee Room)
1100-1245 T2: Keynote lecture and panel discussion
Chair: Dr Paul Clyburn, President, AAGBI
1100-1200 Caring for doctors, caring for patients 1F03, 1F05, 1I01, Domain 3, Domain 4IS_K_05, IS_K_06 
Dr Dame Denise Coia, Chair, Healthcare Improvement Scotland
1200-1300 Panel discussion
Chair: Dr Mike Nathanson, Honorary Secretary, AAGBI
Dr Deirdre Conway, Chair, GAT Committee; Dr Paul Clyburn, President, AAGBI; Dr Liam Brennan, President, RCoA; Prof Kevin Carson, President, CAI and Dr Dame Denise Coia, Chair, Healthcare Improvement Scotland



Lunch / industry exhibition (Ballroom Foyer) / poster viewing (Ballroom 1, Dee Room)

Industry sponsored symposium: Optiflow THRIVE in practice - Fisher and Paykel (Clyde Room)

T3a: Research in Anaesthesia
Chair: Dr 
Roopa McCrossan, Elected Member, GAT Committee (Ballroom 2 & 3)
T3b: Oral presentations
Chair: Dr Katy Miller, Elected Member, GAT Committee (Riverside Suite)
1345-1410 PQIP: improving outcomes after surgery 1F03, 1G02,  2A03, Domain 2AR_BS_07, AR_HK_05, AR_IS_02
Drs James Bedford & Arun Sahni, London

(1345-1440) Oral presentations

(1440-1505) Case presentations

(1505-1515) Discussion


Evidence based pain management for trauma 1D01, 1D02, 2E03Domain 1, AR_BK_02, PM_IK_03, PM_HK_01
Dr Dominic Aldington, Hampshire

1435-1500 The top papers of the year 1F05, 1H02, 1I05, Domain 1, AR_BK_15,  AR_IK_05,  AR_HK_05
Dr Andrew Klein, 
Editor-in-Chief, Anaesthesia
1500-1515 Discussion
1515-1545 Tea & coffee / industry exhibition (Ballroom Foyer) / poster viewing (Ballroom 1, Dee Room)
1545-1715 T4: Emergency Anaesthesia
Chair: Dr Lyndsey Forbes, Elected Member, GAT Committee
1545-1610 Emergency and critical obstetric care 1E04,  2B05,  2B06, Domain 1, OB_BK_16, OB_IK_08, OB_HK_02
Dr Kerry Litchfield, Glasgow

1610-1635 Trauma anaesthesia 1I02,  2A02,  2A06, Domain 1, MT_BK_17, MT_IK_02, MT_HK_01
Dr Helgi Johannsson, London
1635-1700 The surgeon's perspective 1I02,  1I03,  2A12, Domain 3, POM_BK_16, POM_HS_05, AT_D2_07
Miss Helen Dorrance, Glasgow
1700-1715 Discussion
1715-1730 T5: Prizegiving ceremony
Chair: Dr Paul Clyburn, President, AAGBI
1730-1815 T6: Trainee update: The Association and what we do for you
Chair: Dr Deirdre Conway, Chair, GAT Committee 
1815 End of day
1930 Annual dinner and dance
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