Thursday 5 July 2018

0800-0850 Wellbeing drop-in session
0830-0900 Registration / industry exhibition / poster viewing
0900-1030 T1a: Intensive care T1b: Poster facilitation & judging
0900-0925 Communicable disease in the returning traveller
Dr Alisdair Macconnachie, Health Protection Scotland
Group viewing and discussions in the following categories facilitated by poster judges: CT, ST3&4, ST5+
0925-0950 From genome-wide signals to therapeutic targets in sepsis 
Dr Ken Ballie, Edinburgh
0950-1015 InSPIRE, post ICU care
Dr Tara Quasim, Glasgow
1015-1030 Discussion
1030-1100 Tea & coffee / industry exhibition 
1100-1245 T2: Keynote lecture and panel discussion
1100-1200 Speaking Up
Dr Henrietta Hughes, National Guardian’s Office
1200-1300 Panel discussion


Lunch / industry exhibition / poster viewing 

T3a: Research in Anaesthesia
T3b: Oral presentations
1345-1410 PQIP: Improving outcomes after surgery
Drs James Bedford & Arun Sahni, London
(1345-1430) Oral presentations

Evidence based pain management for trauma  
Dr Dominic Aldington, Hampshire

(1430-1455) Case presentations

1435-1500 The top papers of the year
Dr Andrew Klein, Anaesthesia Editor-in-Chief
(1455-1505) History of Anaesthesia
1500-1515 Discussion (1505-1515) Discussion
1515-1545 Tea & coffee / industry exhibition / poster viewing
1545-1715 T4: Emergency Anaesthesia
1545-1610 Emergency and critical obstetric care
Dr Kerry Litchfield, Glasgow

1610-1635 Trauma anaesthesia
Dr Helgi Johannsson, London
1635-1700 The surgeon's perspective
Miss Helen Dorrance, Glasgow
1700-1715 Discussion
1715-1730 T5: Prizegiving ceremony
Chair: Dr Paul Clyburn, President, AAGBI
1730-1815 T6: Trainee update: The Association and what we do for you
Chair: Dr Deirdre Conway, GAT Committee Chair
1815 End of day
1930 Annual dinner and dance
Thursday 05 July Friday 06 July