Friday 6 July 2018

0830-0900 Registration / industry exhibition / poster viewing

F1a: Primary FRCA
The Science bit

F1b: Final FRCA
Advanced peri-operative assessment

F1c: Post - final FRCA
Safety in the real and virtual world
0900-0930 Coping with stress and exams CPET and peri-operative assessment
Dr Ange Baker, Glasgow
Staying safe in a hospital that’s on fire
Dr Guy Jackson, Reading

Fluids, how to get it right
Dr Radha Sundarum, Glasgow

Transfusion and peri-operative anaemia
Dr Ravi Gill, Southampton
Social media and the anaesthetist
Dr Helgi Johannsson
1000-1100 F2: Pinkerton Lecture
  Medics against violence
Dr Michael Murray, Glasgow
1100-1130 Tea & coffee / industry exhibition / poster viewing
1130-1300 F3a: Primary FRCA
The bit that hurts

F3b: Final FRCA
The specialities

F3c: Post - final FRCA
Oxygen delivery and respiratory physiology
Dr Rebecca Jadhav, Glasgow
Cardiac anaesthesia bypass and circulatory support
Dr Isma Quasim, Glasgow
Private practice / dealing with complaints
1200-1230 The shared airway and having a plan
Dr Andrea Harvey, Aberdeen
Neuroanaesthesia - awake crainotomies
Dr Kathleen Ferguson, Aberdeen
I'm the one that you want - preparing for the interview
1230-1300 Anaesthesia and liver disease
Dr Lyndsey Donaldson
Obstetrics - placental implantation
Dr Liz McGrady, Glasgow
SPA and job planning
Dr David Ray, Edinburgh
1300-1345 Lunch / industry exhibition
1345-1515 F4a: Primary FRCA
The clinical bit

F4b: Final FRCA
F4c: Post - final FRCA
Beyond the NHS


Regional anaesthesia and USS anatomy
Dr Malcolm Watson, Glasgow

Cancer and anaesthesia
Dr Ravi Rao Baikady, London
Adventure medics and working abroad
Dr Rowena Clark, Edinburgh


Hyperbaric medicine
Dr Anoop Kumar, Aberdeen


Being a better trainer - How to train your trainees
Dr Al May, Glasgow

Trauma and hip fracture management

Vascular anaesthesia

Learning from excellence
Dr Emma Plunkett, Birmingham
1515-1545 Tea & coffee / industry exhibition
1545-1630 F5: Debate    (with voting via the conference app)
  ICU to the future - anaesthetists? Where we are going we don’t need anaesthetists!
1630 Close of conference
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